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May 16, 2022

LinkedIn Blogging for Realtors

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LinkedIn is one of the most effective social media lead generators for businesses. Studies have established that 60-80% of those surveyed have gained real leads from this social media platform. Thus, it makes sense for those professionals involved in the real estate industry to remain active on LinkedIn, as it possesses a wealth of ways for them to generate content, engage with a vibrant community, and continue to grow their business and brand.

One of the areas of LinkedIn where many real estate marketers may not be fully taking advantage of is LinkedIn blogging. Below is a concise look into LinkedIn blogging and how you can set yourself up to utilize this tool as a lead generating tool. Make LinkedIn blogging an integral part of your social media marketing campaign!

What is LinkedIn blogging?

Everyone reading this is familiar with traditional blogging. You’re reading one right now! LinkedIn, however, offers an alternative blogging platform where LinkedIn users can publish long-form texts on a rolling basis. While officially called Posts instead of blogging, it serves the same function.

LinkedIn blogging is a fantastic tool to implement, especially if you don’t already have a real estate-themed blog or website.  Even if you do regularly post and update on a blog or website, publishing posts with LinkedIn blogging is an awesome way to strengthen your own personal branding, as well as the opportunity to represent your company/brokerage on LinkedIn. Most people know about this option, but not enough are taking advantage of it.

The LinkedIn blogging publisher is pretty open when it comes to what can be published. It even allows you to include a featured cover photo for each post, the ability to link to other websites, insert photos, and format the text. It is just like you would blog in a normal blogging editor. In addition, LinkedIn blogging is also accompanied with performance metrics on article views and social media engagement. That way, you can gauge what content people enjoy the most and want more of.

LinkedIn blogging header of Social Agent Today contributor, Joe Ramirez.
LinkedIn blogging header of Social Agent Today contributor, Joe Ramirez

It’s more important than ever to pay some attention to your personal branding, especially if you are a real estate marketer. When you are dealing with prospective leads and clients, they will often review your social media and online presence before (or after) speaking with you. Having a few pieces of LinkedIn blogging content that showcase your real estate expertise can help you build better relationships within your industry and your target market.

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