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May 20, 2022

Instagram Marketing Trends For Agents In 2022

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Instagram has taken the real estate marketing world by storm. Many agents consider it the next go- to platform after Facebook. With an ever-changing platform and user base, let’s take a look at the Instagram marketing trends that will dominate in 2022.

Increased user and brand growth

The social network is undoubtedly popular with millennials, a key demographic for real estate marketers. This demographic represents a significant proportion of homebuyers, particularly first-time home-owners. The rise in this user base, combined with Instagram’s development of advertising features, will see continued growth of real estate brands using the platform.

Keeping users inside the app

Similar to Facebook, Instagram has recently updated its search function. The new ‘Search and Explore’ feature is designed to keep Instagram users engaged and inside the app. It accomplishes this by making the discovery of engaging content easier. It also highlights trending stories and events in real-time.


The fact that users can now follow trending stories as told through other Instagram users opens up more chances for agents to communicate with potential customers and display the beautiful listings they have to offer.

Updated Instagram Direct

It has been over 2 years ago since Instagram first introduced direct messaging. However, the service initially had limited features and it wasn’t even prominently displayed in the app. Now Instagram has updated this feature to allow threaded conversations, text conversations, group messages and sending content from your Instagram feed.

Updated advert formats

Recent changes to Instagram advertising will strengthen their effectiveness for real estate agents. Some of these changes include the lengthening of videos to 30 seconds, the introduction of landscape photos and videos, and a premium product called Marquee. Marquee gives brands mass awareness and reach for a short amount of time.

These features should drive an Instagram trend of increased brand presence and the hasty decline of organic reach within Instagram. Paid advertising will become a vastly more important feature to success on the social channel.

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