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June 13, 2022

4 Tips to Boost Twitter Advertising

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Twitter logo above name: This guide will provide tips to Twitter advertising.

A sound social media marketing campaign is not complete without effective advertising. To ensure that you are getting the most out of social media, be sure that Twitter advertising is a key focus. If you are a novice to Twitter advertising, or are just trying to fine tune your marketing acumen, use the following tips to strengthen your brand and its online visibility.

Twitter advertising tip #1: Understand the advertising metrics

You wouldn’t jump off the high-dive without first knowing how to swim, right? The same attitude should be taken with Twitter advertising. Before you even begin to launch ads, take the time to become familiar with Twitter’s advertising platform and what its metrics really mean.

For example, a common mistake that many agents who rush in to Twitter advertising make is that they think that the Twitter Ad engagement variable “Clicks” means the same thing as “website traffic”. It does not! Clicks on the Tweet including links, favorites, hashtags, embedded media, profile pic, username, Tweet permalink, or Tweet expansion are all included. If you do not understand how to properly read and analyze your metrics, you are less likely to be able to make future improvements and reorient campaigns to align with your target audience.

Twitter advertising tip #2: Avoid generic hashtags

In your normal daily Tweeting, hashtags about your industry or followers’ interests can be great at getting you in front of the eyes of more potential customers. However, Twitter’s targeted advertising already does this.  Regular hashtags such as #realestate or #realtor are wasting valuable tweet characters. Instead, think about using a hashtag that ties into your particular campaign to get people talking about it.

Twitter advertising tip #3: Test multiple tweets per campaign

Test several different Tweets with your real estate campaigns. Twitter will test them all and promote whichever one is performing the best. It is recommended to try 3-5 different tweets. With each tweet, use variances in content, wording, and imagery.

Twitter advertising tip #4: Offer call-to-action incentives

One of the most effective calls to action for Twitter advertising is to give people something away for free. Some creative ways to do this can include giving away free downloads of apps, videos, songs, e-books, or games.

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