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July 3, 2022

Twitter Strategy: 7 Tips to Gain Followers

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For the social media novice, Twitter can be complicated to understand and follow. But gaining followers on this social media platform is a must for successful real estate marketing.

The steps below are the Twitter strategy that we have come up with to help grow on Twitter -especially to grow your followers and audience.

1. Get an awesome Twitter header photo.

You want people to see your real estate brand as professional. Having a nice header photo helps display that. Make sure your header:

  • Matches your real estate website theme colors
  • Shows off your services or tagline
  • Shows a little bit about who you are.

2. Clean out your list.

If the number of people you follow is greater than the number of people that follow you, then it’s time to clean out your list! If you haven’t ever gone through your list of people you follow on Twitter, then it’s time to clean out your list! Most likely, no matter who you are, it’s a good chance you need to clean out your list.

Cleaning out your list means getting rid of old accounts. You want to make sure that the accounts you follow on Twitter are up-to-date. If their last tweet was from a few years ago, then unfollow them. They aren’t coming back, and it’s clogging up your follow list! A good rule to follow for this is the 2-5 month test. If they haven’t tweeted between 2-5 months, unfollow them.

Cleaning out your list also means removing people that you wouldn’t want to tweet or re-tweet. You may follow some great people and brands, but if you never tweet or re-tweet their content, because it’s not that interesting or because it’s not in your niche, then it’s time to hit unfollow.

Remember that you want to build a great list of people that you can build future business relationships with! Cleaning out your list means unfollowing those who don’t follow you back, and who appear disinterested in growing a stronger relationship. This is a good way to build your Twitter followers.

Go through and unfollow people. Then, go back and follow new people. After a week or two, if the new people don’t follow you back, then unfollow them. Continue to repeat the process to build your list.

3. Find your following strategy.

Once your list is cleaned out, remember to continue to follow others. Use lists that people have added you onto to find new people, or look at who people you admire on Twitter are following or follow their followers.

4. Tweet early and often.

The more tweets you send out, the more people are likely to find and follow you. Schedule tweets out every 2-4 hours. Make sure to tweet each new blog post that you may publish. You can also use something like the “Tweet Old Post” plugin to have your old posts automatically posted to Twitter.

5. Re-tweet, star, and reply.

Now that you have built a great list, go through at least once a day to reply to and re-tweet other people. This practice shows you care and gets people to notice you. Re-tweeting and “starring” other’s content is basically like a “like” on Facebook. It shows you are diligent and care about your followers.

6. Don’t forget hashtags.

Hashtags are words and phrases proceeded by the “#” sign. For example: #realestate or #homesforsale. You can think of them as tags. These are very good to use on Twitter. Just be sure that you don’t use too many in one status. Choose your hashtags wisely.

7. Join Twitter parties to learn and grow.

Joining Twitter parties is a great way to grow your Twitter following, participate in fun chats, and even win prizes! Twitter parties get your name and real estate brand out there, and they let you get to know more people personally.

What about you? Do you have a Twitter Strategy? What things do you do to gain Twitter followers?

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