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May 16, 2022

LinkedIn Blogging for Realtors

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LinkedIn is one of the most effective social media lead generators for businesses. Studies have established that 60-80% of those surveyed have gained real leads from this social media platform. Thus, it makes sense for those professionals involved in the real estate industry to remain active on LinkedIn, as it possesses a wealth of ways for them to generate content, engage with a vibrant community, and continue to grow their business and brand.

One of the areas of LinkedIn where many real estate marketers may not be fully taking advantage of is LinkedIn blogging. Below is a concise look into LinkedIn blogging and how you can set yourself up to utilize this tool as a lead generating tool. Make LinkedIn blogging an integral part of your social media marketing campaign!


May 15, 2022

10 AdWords Tips for Realtors

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When you’re first starting out with AdWords there are so many things you need to know and understand that it’s almost impossible to grasp them all.

To help you get started with your AdWords campaign I’ve compiled a list of helpful knowledge that I have gained over the years. Granted, all these tips are not necessarily beginner friendly, but they’re good to know and you will one day find out why you needed to know them.

1. Don’t focus on a single metric

When optimizing your AdWords Ad copy, it can be dangerous to look at only one of the key metrics. For instance, if you only look at Click-through rate (CTR) then you will focus on the ads that draw in a lot of clicks, Many of our own ad tests have shown that the ads that have the highest CTR don’t necessarily  have the best conversion rate.

Take the time to thoroughly understand what you want to accomplish with your advertising, and to use this knowledge to construct more effective copy. Frequently this means blending a bit of several key metrics into your copy formulation.


5 Opt-in Incentives To Build Your Email List

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For real estate marketers, a quality email list can be priceless. Your subscribers and users who have taken the time to sign up to your emailing list are likely your most engaged and often biggest followers. These people are also the most likely to turn to your services during the buying or selling process.

So how do you continue to grow a good email list full of the right target audience who will actively engage with you?

Here are several tips on how you can develop and grow you’re an engaged email subscriber list over time, that will help drive targeted and engaged traffic to your content and help extend the reach of your marketing.

First things first, before you can build a list of any sort you will need a great opt-in form. This is the place that you will capture your email registration information from your visitors.


May 14, 2022

Enhance LinkedIn Ads

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Interested in getting better results from your LinkedIn Ads? Not sure what to do to correct them? Check out these five must-try LinkedIn ads enhancements to advance your campaign performance and gain more impressions, clicks and leads!

LinkedIn ads: notepads and pen overlaid on laptop keyboard

LinkedIn Ads Tip #1: Rejuvenate an ad by changing the image

Is an ad lagging? Instead of merely pausing it and diverting your impressions to the better performing LinkedIn ads, try bringing it back to life by switching out its image for a better one.

Some marketers have been able to triple the click-through rate by simply using a different image. When choosing a new image for your LinkedIn ad, try to use one that’s both attractive and relevant. Bright colors, high contrast and easily identifiable images tend to work best, especially when compared to busy and vague images.


How to display your accomplishments & success on Facebook

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If you’re anything like me, you probably believe that your good work and professional successes should speak for themselves. You put in the hard work crafting your expertise; others should recognize its merits all on their own, right?

Unfortunately, our merits don’t always receive their just do in the public eye. Waiting around hoping your good work will catch the attention of your local community could be preventing you from getting the brand recognition—and possibly the leads and commissions—you work so hard to earn. But how do you let people know about your accomplishments and accolades without sounding like a pompous jerk? Here are a few techniques real estate agents can use to successfully highlight their accomplishments and success on Facebook:


May 13, 2022

5 Reasons No One Is Clicking On Your Facebook Real Estate Ads

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Have you noticed that you’re just not getting any activity on your Facebook real estate ads? Don’t fret; you’re not alone. People have grown weary of advertising that doesn’t speak to them, or if it interrupts their Facebook activities. Here are some of the most common reasons why Facebook real estate ads are ignored. With this information, you can craft stronger ads that can lead to greater engagement and effectiveness.

Reasons people aren’t clicking on your Facebook real estate ads

1. Your ads are irrelevant

Choosing the right audience when launching your ads is very important. One of the biggest mistakes advertisers make when selecting their demographics is inaccurately targeting users. If you aren’t making the best use of your consumer data, targeting your ads to people who will most likely find it useful is going to be difficult.

Build a profile that reflects the characteristics of your typical client. This profile allows you to target your ads more specifically and will get them viewed by the right people, giving you more engagement. Keep in mind that even the best ads can only resonate so much with a Facebook user, as compared to an educational piece of content or an offer with deeper purpose.


How to Create Instagram Ads for Real Estate

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Do you use Instagram to market your real estate business? If not, start taking your marketing to the next level by running Instagram ads!

Instagram advertising gives real estate brands an effective way to increase visibility and connect with their customer and prospects. In this article you’ll discover how to create these ads for your blossoming real estate business.

1. Connect Your Instagram Account to Facebook

Before you can start advertising on Instagram, you need to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page. By doing this, you can create your ads in Facebook Power Editor.

To get started:

  • Go to your Facebook page and click Settings in the top-right corner.
  • In the left column, click Instagram Ads.
  • Click the Add an Account button on the right.
  • Go to Instagram Ads in your Facebook page settings.
  • If you have an existing Instagram account, select Add an Existing Account. Enter your Instagram username and password and click Confirm.

If you don’t have the ability to edit and create Instagram ads just yet, fret not. You will soon, as Facebook and Instagram are still rolling out this feature.

2. Select an Instagram Ad Type

For Instagram ads, you can choose from three advertising objectives: clicks to your website, mobile app installs and video views (videos may last up to 30 seconds in length).

Within these objectives, there are three key ad types that you can capitalize on. These are image, video and carousel ads. Image ads are standard photos with a button driving users to click. Video ads are the same as image ads but with video. Carousel ads are a series of images that users can browse. Carousel ads let brands tell a richer story in one ad unit.

All of these ad options can drive results depending on what you want to accomplish with your real estate advertising.

3. Target the Right Audience

If you create an ad for a specific audience, you need to make sure that it will be seen by only that audience. For example, if you create a real estate themed ad geared toward working moms, you don’t want it to be shown to high school students or stay-at-home dads. Leverage the targeting features on Instagram to accomplish this.

For those experienced with Facebook ad targeting options, the majority of these tools are also available for Instagram ads. These include location, demographics, interests, actions and more. Set your audience preferences to best utilize your advertising dollars.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to use all of the targeting options available to you. Use the targeting options if you want more control over who sees your ads, so you can ensure you’re delivering a marketing message that will appeal to them.

4. Use Attention-Grabbing Imagery

Instagram is known for its rich and attractive images. If you want to create Instagram ads that drive results, take the time to design irresistible visuals to catch people’s attention.

Remember that the audience on Instagram is savvy enough to recognize stock photos, and that they will be less likely to engage with that type of content. Capture photos yourself or invest in a photographer/illustrator to create great content for your advertising.

5. Include a Call to Action

With Instagram ads, currently there are no stipulations about the amount of text you can have in a photo, unlike other social networks. This gives you the perfect opportunity to create ads that are text-heavy and communicate stories. You can also include calls to action directly in your photos or video.

Whether you tell your audience to post a selfie, click a link, subscribe to a newsletter or tag a friend in the comments, being able to use as much text as you want in your visual gives you an opportunity to drive action more effectively.

6. Leverage Popular Hashtags

From #ThrowbackThursday to #MotivationMonday, Instagram is filled with hashtags that are used by both broad and targeted audiences. This gives you an opportunity to inject your real estate brand into the feeds of people using these hashtags and make a connection with them.

One popular hashtag on Instagram is #ThingsOrganizedNeatly. Users post photos like these.

With the emergence of Instagram ads, you can build a rapport with your prospective audience in a whole new way. Once you attract an audience with your real estate ads, it’s important to keep your followers engaged. With the right approach to Instagram marketing, you can drive great results for your brand and truly stand out from your competition.

What do you think? Have you used Instagram ads for your business? What tips do you have for real estate brands looking to get started with ads? Please share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments below.

Are you aware of your online visibility?

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Expanding one’s real estate business venture cannot easily occur without the expansion of one’s online visibility. Potential homebuyers and sellers must first realize that your enterprise exists, and what one’s services can provide for them. In the new Digital Age of business, it is critical to have an online presence. It is the best means of cost-effective advertising and to strengthen an organization’s branding and customer relations.

Understanding what is involved in online visibility can appear daunting for the self-proclaimed computer-illiterate. However, it is far simpler to understand than one might imagine, and far less demanding to achieve suitable levels of online visibility.

Online visibility refers to the scope of how visible and present one’s business or website is on the internet. It is important to note that online visibility is not an exact science. All the programs and algorithms used to construct the rankings are varied, and can provide slightly mixed returns. Further, online visibility is also determined by factors that constantly fluctuate. The visibility calculation is based on mapping how a business appears on millions of web pages on leading search engines, web directories and local search sites at one moment in time.

It does not require in-depth computing skills to find out one’s visibility either. Realtors can easily gauge their online presence through the use of websites such as Agency Thrive, Klout, and Vrank. Many of these services offer free reports relating one’s presence compared to other individuals and organizations, business or otherwise.


Unlock the Potential of LinkedIn Groups

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LinkedIn is typified as a social media platform for those hoping to make connections either to push product or pursue other employment opportunities. While this is certainly an integral component of the utility of LinkedIn, it is certainly not its only function. LinkedIn can also be capitalized on as a reputation builder. If you have aspirations to become a leading voice in the real estate industry, LinkedIn’s professional groups offer an array of opportunities to accomplish this.

Why join LinkedIn Groups?

Linkedin groups

LinkedIn Groups are a fantastic way to engage and become part of the real estate industry community. These groups offer outlets if you really want to become a part of the wider community you work and network in. If agents regularly engage within the group and are helpful to those who present questions, other group members will take notice.


Pinterest for the Real Estate Industry

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When it comes to Pinterest, the one question real estate agents ask all the time is “My business doesn’t sell products. Can Pinterest still work for me?”

Yes, it certainly can!

While there is no doubt that Pinterest has certainly proven to be a powerful platform for retail businesses — especially businesses that sell products online- it also offers impressive benefits for other industries as well, including the real estate industry.

Here are some insights to keep in mind so you can use Pinterest to engage your audience, drive traffic to other branding materials, and generate new leads and clients:

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